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Student Life

SVIS supports all the facilities that are considered inevitable for the development of the students. A great part of our time will be spent outside the classroom in learning and observation and even on games.
We work to support SVIS students in all aspects of school life, especially by offering programs, services and resources to make our tenure as exciting as possible.

A “home away from home” is something we take seriously and make arrangements for the same by adding the value to the residential complexes for boys and girls to be accommodated separately, safely and securely. Beautiful rooms with all the amenities, nutritious food in an extremely hygienic environment, are what you will experience at the hostel.


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!” We attach importance to on-field physical activities inclusive of sports like Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Football and many more. Alongside studies, students are given equal opportunity to take part in sports and other cultural activities.

We at SVIS encourage our students to participate in all competitions with no consideration given to winning or losing. We believe in participation. Able players are given encouragement to compete at the highest level under the guidance of expert coaches. We take pride in saying that our students have competed in the state and national level competitions and won laurels for the school.


The dining hall is a natural spot of social life at Sree Vidyanikethan. The boarders have all the meals here. It is spacious and can accommodate 900 students at the same time. The food served is healthy, tasty and nutritious. The kitchen is equipped with modern cooking gadgets and is hygienically maintained.

The kitchen maintenance and running is taken care by a qualified catering manager, who is adept at the knowledge in Nutrition and Dietetics. The cafeteria-style menu is varied and well balanced, offering choices of vegetarian/Non Vegetarian and catering, where necessary for special dietary need. We have mineral water plant that supplies 24 hours bacteria free fresh drinking water cleanly pumped to the hostels, cafeteria, and class rooms.


The College has a total of six hostel blocks, each of them having the capacity to accommodate 100 students. The hostel blocks are constructed in such a manner that aerially they depict the letter BABU M, the name of our beloved Chairman. Each block is divided into 10-15 dormitories, which can accommodate 8-12 students each. All of the dorms are spacious and well ventilated with windows covered with mesh. Washrooms and toilets are hygienically maintained. The whole campus is vigilant with round the clock security, with more than 40 security guards who are mostly ex-service men. The campus also enjoys 24hrs uninterrupted power supply.

Mail services

Our institution is well equipped with computer labs in addition to the e-classrooms with state of the art infrastructure and facilities. In addition, the campus had round the clock internet facility. It also functions on Sundays and any other holidays and so students are advised to make best use of the labs productively.


Scholarships are awarded to students who are unable to fund themselves, but show interest in studies. Students from the backward classes would be given concessions. Scholarship based on Merit is awarded to the diligent and hardworking students. We hence promote a healthy space for academics while understanding the need for an unbiased education system for all.


We ensure transportation for all the day-scholars who commute from different areas in Tirupati. Buses are provided on convenient basis. We provide a fleet of buses for the school and college students.

SVEI is deeply committed to safety, wellness, and outstanding healthcare as part of the Institution’s wellbeing principle. We are equipped with a 24hours medical facility on campus, with two qualified staff nurses. A General Physician who is hired by our school regularly visits the school.

All safety equipment is available on the campus that will come in handy at the time of emergency. We also aim to provide health insurance for the students for their well-being.

We host a range of extra-curricular activities in the school allocating sufficient and satisfactory timings for the same. Our website contains a range of gallery on the different events like the Independence Day, Republic Day, International Yoga day that has been observed in the campus. Besides this, we also hold sports day and other such activities in the interests of the students.