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True Education is inclusive of all. It goes beyond rules and studies. The crucial nuances of education prepare a child for challenging and goal oriented scenarios. As educators, one of the prime motives we apply is a calculated and tested methodology to drive and steer forward the vision students hold for their future. Rather than solely relying on books as a means to evolve, we believe in imparting life values and core principles that are essential in any endeavor.

Vidyanikethan has devised, evolved, and perfected an extremely effective methodology. Its salient features are:

  • Child-centric participative self-learning and rationalized content approach
  • Focusing on communication skills
  • Emphasis on activity and project-based teaching
  • Developing the ability to think and reason
  • Sequentially going with the L/S/R/W skills to master any language
  • Focusing on environmental factors: learning to know, to do, to live be  together
  • Inculcating regular and healthy habits in a child
  • Sensitizing the child to Life skills
  • Creating awareness towards disasters and ways to counter and tackle them
  • Imparting a sense of personal and communal values
  • To develop an appreciation of culture and heritage
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